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.: Where's my wonderland :. Speedpaint by Kasamm

i have always been fond of the time concept in art. i personaly love your color usage in all of your art. also your line quality. so i will start it of there. it really is lovely,

now i have to say that i wish you would have given your clocks the same attention as you did your charactor, they seem a bit rushed/not much care given to them. i think you should have spent a bit more time with them. the wings on that one clock could have used a lot more attention to.

even f you were trying to give it a traslusent look, i think you could have comomplished it a bit better though differnt techneques. when doing peices like this i would reconmend a ref, of wings and for the clocks. maybe have a tutorial of an artist you like up discribing how they did it and try to find your own way through their example.

i do like the colors in the back ground, im very fond of them. but i think the green swirls i see really take away from its effect. but thats just personal prefernce, i just dont like how the colors mesh together,

as for your figure itself, i like the line quality, essecialy in her torso, i wish you would have continued that same method all over her body. her back paw seems a little big, but again, personal preference, you might like the big look in them. but im just saying in comparision to how you had her front legs,

everything does seem a bit peicey, meaning they dont seem to flow on the same plain., its hard to explain, they dont seem to have the same style throughout the piece, from the figure to your clocks to the background. not saying it doesnt together at all, cause it certianly does have a rhythem.

in all i do like it, dont change it or anything, but just keep what i said in mind for your next pieces ^^
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Kasamm Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay thanks :)
ScraptorProductions Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
^^; i hope you didnt take any of that to heart, im just trying to help, i re read it and thought i might have sounded like an ass on some parts,
Kasamm Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No no it's okay :)
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